Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 08

Meetings, phone support for Europe and Asia and fielding little distractions in life ... sending some travel money to Amarilla (my daughter) for her trip to Belgium next week ... 

My friend Greg sent a model my direction and I agreed to do beauty shots for Katie.  Picked her up from BART, Rachelle Dalton did her usual make-up magic and we got some great images that will definitely be an addition to Katie's portfolio.  Happy.  

Just checked Greg's online portfolio and it seems we shot Katie in a similar outfit, similar pose ... ohh well ... great minds playing here ... lol.

*   *   *

Beauty shots have taken on a different dimension since my duo shoot with Sarah and her friend Rachel a couple of months ago.
Sarah had asked me to shoot her friend Rachel.  Rachel had never done a shoot before.  I had never shot a model "virgin" before.  

I was totally honored by the request as I'm not the only photographer in the area ... so ... this was very a very special occasion to start with.  In addition, I was blown away by some of the make-up work Lauren Warner did on a Paige White shoot with Sarah ... so, I hired Lauren Warner for the job ... another first.

Rachel left, Sarah right in this image of the shoot.

This shoot was a blast.  we started out with a more natural look for starters but I gave Lauren free range in regards to the beauty look.  Rachel got comfortable within 20 minutes with the idea of being in front of a camera.  She is beautiful and exudes confidence ... a radiant presence to be reckoned with ... just can't wait to see what develops over time.

The duo images from this shoot are over the top ... the friendship and love between these two models is showing through ... a connection I'm afraid only women know how to share.  

Granted it was my first duo shoot, maybe I'm a bit overly sensitive optimistic ... nevertheless, this shoot once more changed my perceptions of what can be achieved ... and that's a wonderful feeling in itself.

Continued ...

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