Sunday, August 3, 2008

Singapore August 2-3, 2008

I've made the trip to Singapore many times and I'm always looking forward spending time in this multi-cultural living city.

Yes, some have called the city "too clean" with "too many laws" but this city is living, hustling and bustling. there are a ton of things to see on this small well organized island. Language is not an issue as most speak English well. The beauties are the people ... friendly,helpfull regardless of origin, creed or religion

I always take the opportunity to photograph when I'm traveling and this trip is no exception. When I was making the layover in the Narita airport my eye caught this glimpse of detail and color of a kimono ...

The trip from SFO to Narita takes between 10-11 hours and the second leg from Narita to Singapore takes another 6-7 hours. Invariably, you arrive around midnight ... the immigration lines are short and there are plenty of taxies to take you to the city.

The airline lost my suitcase ... again ... lol ... no panic, usually arrives first thing in the morning.

I got to the Royal Plaza around 1:00am and the lobby display brought a big smile on my face ... Singapore advertising has a different feel than what we're used to in the States or Europe ... somewhat exaggerated, forced ... no holds barred ... but stimulating and challenging

Oh la la ... Chocolah ... yes, this F1 car is reportdly made of mostly chocolate ... I'll find out ... eventually as I'm staying till the 8th this time.

After a short night of trying to sleep I ended up deciding on an early breakfast and going for a walk on Orchard Road. The main shopping street with emphasis on luxurary goods. My favorite shopping complexes are the Paragon and Takashimaya. All major expensive brandnames are represented there. Got to Takashimaya and photographed some of the store displays. Security was shadowing me but didn't stop me. There's a strickt no-photography policy but I guess they don't care before opening hours.

I'm always looking for color, photography challenges and ideas for my own shoots. I love to do tight crops and often I recrop existing advertising collateral just for fun or to check if I can improve on the message.

Less is more.

To be continued ...

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