Monday, August 18, 2008

Los Angeles, August 16-18, 2008

Have a business meeting on Monday. Flew from Toronto to LA, staying with my daughter Amarilla. Shooting in the weekend in Lus's studio before she moves to her new one in September.

Worked with Elley, Starlett, NevaehlleH, filledevega. Expanding my portfolio, expanding my range.  Met Philip'e.  More friends.

Images later.  Shoot first, edit, retouch, storyboard later.

Blackberry got busted. Major inconvenience. We forget how quickly we depend on technology. Starbucks bailed me out. Long story. No Cliff notes.

Planning two more trips to LA in September. One more international trip in October.

*    *    *

Safe sex is good.  "Safe" living is not.  Take risk.  Risk rewards.  Safe = vanilla.   I like vanilla ice cream.  I do not love plain vanilla ice cream.  Maybe French vanilla with lots of topping ... just not plain vanilla.  You know who you are.  Where is the "safe" button.  Flip it.  Live.

There is coconut, cherry, pistachio and mango ice cream.  Try gelato.

To be continued ...

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