Monday, June 21, 2010

A woman ...

One of my distant pen-lovers somewhere in this world sent me following truth:

A woman needs a man who takes good care of her,

A man who can make her laugh out loud,

A man who makes her feel as if she’s the most important woman in the world to him

A man who takes her breath away

A man who stimulates her mind

And it’s important that these five men never meet each other!

Being a man, this reads also very true as:

A man needs a woman who takes good care of him,

A woman who can make him laugh out loud,

A woman who makes him feel as if he's the most important man in the world to her,

A woman who takes his breath away

A woman who stimulates his mind

And it's equally important that these five women never meet each other !

* * *

How does one roll 5 women into one and ensure they never meet each other ?

* * *

These two women do take my breath away ... this was shot in December 2009 and is part of a book being laid out for print.

I've worked multiple times with Sarah and Natalia.

Looking forward creating more with these talented models.