Friday, August 15, 2008

Home, August 12, 2008

Quick noon photo shoot with Marliese Leitner. She's based in Florida but travels the West Coast. Atletic, toned body ... beauty shots ... some editorial fashion ... trying out a different lighting technique.

Getting ready for my Canada / LA trip.

Business as usual, suppliers, customers, new projects. Love doing this ... the thrill of solving problems, discovering new technology and providing solutions for new projects and meeting like-minded people.

Continued a personal project in San Francisco with N. and had an incredible and very memorable dinner ... life has challenge but life is good. I'm working on my "Sogni d'Oro" storyboard. Pictures to follow. Visited a couple of galleries. I love seeing new artwork and follow the evolution of up and coming artists. So much more enjoyable in good company.

It feels like ages since I worked on images ... just not enough time. Shoot first, edit later

Working on four story boards and a number of composite prints.

Ordered a new template for a new website. Separating commercial from personal work.

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