Monday, August 11, 2008

Back home, jetlagged ... Sunday, August 10

Jet lagged but I'm managing well this time ... Melatonin and going to bed at the right times definitely helps.

Sunday ... quick shoot with Arjun Shah at the Mission San Jose in Fremont.  Shirts and suits ... fashion ... definitely fashion

Spend some time shooting head shots also ... the light was harsh and I was shooting against a white wall ... we'll see

*   *   *
I'm interested in extreme crops of faces lately ... it's hard to describe but I've always had a sweet spot for this ... I crop in camera so I know what I'm shooting and what to expect ... it is purely a matter of composing and framing and letting the light do the magic.

Love shooting with my Nikon 105mm F2.0 DC on my D2x ... the crop sensor makes this an extreme portrait telephoto lens while the defocus control let's me choose how soft I really want the image while producing an incredible bokeh ... same lens on my D3 produces excellent results but I'm constantly switching between two camera's.  D2x with the 105mm F2.0 DC lens and my D3 with the 28-70mm F2.8 AFS lens

The above image from Nicole is toned for print ... intend to print this one at 20" x 30" ... like these larger than life-size. This image is again about connection ... Nicole is glued to whatever is going on ... connection, not posing ...

Continued ...

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