Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Lioness Den - Part One

On October 29, 2008 the stars aligned and 4 top models showed up in my studio ... with that much talent, anything is possible.

Carly Erin was first in town.  We had worked together in the studio somewhere in February 08 and that was the beginning of my fruit and vegetable series ... that was also the first shoot where I felt I was on to something that I could develop in something more than just snapshots

This time I was using dried artichokes on the shoot and Carly was joined in  the studio shoot session by April and Sarah Ellis.  The 29th was Carly's last day of shooting during her San Francisco trip.

April had arrived earlier in the week and was using my studio as a base to work with other photographers in the Bay Area.

We worked quite a few life style shoots during April's stay and it was good to create together again after our shoots in London and Los Angeles.  

April can handle a wide range and is equally comfortable in fashion, lifestyle and fine art.

Ms Susie B arrived on the 29th for her first working tour of the Bay Area.   She flew in from NM where we worked together a couple of weeks agon on a life style and fine art location shoot in Santa Fe.  We never found route 66 but that is another story ... ;-)

We intercepted her at the Walnut Creek BART on our way to the outdoor shooting location.

Susie, we know that San Francisco is cold for a New Mexico girl but I do believe you are slightly overdressed ... lol ... on the other hand, I've never seen anyone climb a vertical rock wall like you do ... in boots ...

Last but not in the least ... Sarah Ellis doesn't need introduction anymore if you're following my blog.  

We've worked many times together now and lost track of the number of shoots as I have only two hands to count on ...

After the shoot we all went for dinner and had fun getting these family pictures taken.  

Thanks Carly for taking care of shooting Sarah, April and Susie.  Susie in turn shot Carly ...

For those not knowing CarlyErin, she's a great photographer, MUA, retoucher and model.

Me ... had nothing to do with the family pics, just a willing victim with a big grin as we all had a great day of collaboration,  camaraderie  and discovery as none of the models had ever worked together on a shoot ... I was priveledged to have all this talent together in one spot, quite an unique occasion.

Quoting Carly sums it pretty much up ...

"OMG !!!! I had sooooo much fun ... Thanks so much for having me and putting what I know will be some new friends in my life ;-)   All those girls are so wonderful ;-) ... See you soon darling !"

Images to be retouched shortly ...

Continued ...

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