Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coincidence - Synchronicity

I have to much time on my hands on those long flights back from Europe ...

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Most of us are familiar with coincidence ... the alignment of two or more events/circumstances without obvious causal connection.  

A coincidence does not prove relationship but there may be a higher level of probability.  Coincidences are inevitable from a statistical perspective and are often less remarkable than they may appear intuitively once you do the math.

Some (mostly followers of eastern philosophies) insist there is absolutely no coincidence in the world, that all that occurs can be related to a prior cause or karma no matter how vast or how minute or trivial the event is.

In all cases, you need our mind connecting two or more events, so without our mind, there's no coincidence ... the latter maybe a sobering thought for many ...

Enter "Synchronicity" ... the conceptual relationship of minds, also defined as relationships between ideas, structured in its own logical way.  The latter results in relationships which are not causal in nature.  Cause and effect occur together and these relationships can manifest themselves as simultaneous events that are meaningfully related in a larger framework than needed for a simple coincidence.

Jung seems to be the first one to describe synchronicity as "... the temporally coincident occurrences of a-causal events ..."

For me synchronicity is more of a "meaningful coincidence" where lives are parallel impacted by a-causal events in a non-trivial manner and without ever being able to prove these events wouldn't have existed or impacted us in the same way otherwise.

I believe a lot of our social, emotional and psychological experiences are governed by synchronicity rather than coincidence due to the probability in terms of causality.

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My life seems to be governed by synchronicity rather than coincidence lately ... it doesn't matter in the end but it is intriguing to analyze and observe the undeniable impact on all lives touched ... it just can't be undone ...

Maybe continued ...

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