Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Ellis ... intelligent, sweet, beautiful, dedicated, creative and patient ... works hard for each and every shot ... enough said ... no words needed for any professional photographer or model who ever worked with her.

Incredible expression, lips and eyes to die for ...

These images were taken in Lucinda Wedge's new studio #405 in downtown LA.  Make up artist, Amanda Rose.  Wardrobe picked up somewhere on Melrose Avenue ... close to Wasteland ... just couldn't resist this flowing dress.

The images on the left are all available light photography ... that's pretty much the majority of the work I've been shooting lately and the new studio has some very nice window light corners.  Plenty of texture to work this time and the studio is air conditioned.  Great ward robe and make up room.  Large windows, blinds with light control ... in short ... a pleasure to work in.

I'm a slow retoucher ... lol ...  it's going to take forever to work on these shoots ... not ...

Sarah is by now definitely the model I photographed more times than anyone else and Sarah keeps surprising me when it comes to expression and poise ... her enthusiasm for new angles knows no limits ... 

I owe her a T-shirt for the number of times she worked with me ...  lol

Looking forward to the next collaboration ... very soon I hope !

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