Monday, January 19, 2009

Chuao Chocolatier ~ Spicy Maya

Tried another chocolate bar out of the Christmas survival package from Ankha.

The packaging is appealing for all the Chuao bar's I've seen so far and their tag line did get my attention ... ;-)

Unusual, Unexpected and Delicious experiences ...

These bars are quite large ... so proceed with caution ;-)

I went through half a bar over the course of an evening and I have to admit, at first I fount the spicy Maya ... well ... too spicy ... overwhelming the chocolate

Then again, the chocolate is quite dark and misses the smoothness I so savor in a good bar.  The spice made up for the shortcomings of the chocolate if you're up for extreme spice ... this one clings to much to the rear of the palate and get's a bit heavy for me.

Second day I knew what to expect and things went a bit smoother but then I got that rear upper palate heaviness again and that spoiled it for me ... 

Next bar shortly ... continued ...

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