Friday, August 5, 2011

The edge.

"You live on the edge"

I was told in no uncertain terms

"Which edge ?"

"Your limits"

"The ones that you come close to and will draw you in ... over the edge into your fall"

* * *

Not living on any edge.

Every day I pushed the walls confining me away.

Then the walls became one.

I pushed one wall further away.

Day by day, night after night.

The wall has shrunk to a non existing line far beyond the horizon.

Two lifetimes later.

There are no confinements left.

There's only an ever expanding Universe.

I will reach that ever expanding Edge

And float over the fall

To push that wall.

* * *

Amara in Red Shades


Anonymous said...

Living on the edge is a dangerous, but full and real...

Lauren said...

I love this and you.

Interior designer said...

beautiful work Rudi.

Keira said...


Elizabelibby said...

So good to be back, I've missed You

northierthanthou said...